the masks. an essential accessory

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the masks. An essential accessory

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(re)discover our Inside Stories

6 oktober 2020

(Re)discover videos of our last MAD Windows: Inside Stories

The 'MAD Windows' is a place for sharing experiences, know-how and interactions. For Inside Stories, we selected 16 actors of change, professionals acting and reflecting on pressing issues of our society in transition through their design- and other creative skills. Via a series of livestream sessions, they shared their stories, know-how and insights through a talk or workshop.

  • #1 | 'Talking about fashion design for circularity' | Talk with our MAD residents Resortecs by Cédric Vanhoeck (co-founder) (English).
  • #2 | 'Quand le design devient social: LUC en conférence gesticulée' | Talk with LUC and its founders Alice Conquand & Coline Thomas (French).
  • #3 | 'A.LL B.ODIES C.ONSPIRING' | Talk with Girls Like Us by Jessica Gysel & Katja Mater (English).
  • #4 | 'Demain (Maintenant) L’espace Public' | Talk with Vraiment Vraiment by Alexandre Mussche & Marie-Anaïs Bluteau (French).
  • #5 | Talk with Creatives tegen Corona by Dries Verbruggen (English).
  • #6 | 'La philosophie peut-elle dialoguer avec le design' | Talk with Simon Brunfaut (French).
  • #7 | 'Saucisse' | Workshop with Studio La Bouche by Hanna Deroover & Bénédicte Bantuelle (French).
  • #8 | 'Reimagining public space' | Talk with Onkruid by Jochem Daelmen (English).
  • #9 | 'Autobiography of a Microwave' | Talk with our MAD residents Studio Plastique by Archibald Godts & Theresa Bastek (English).
  • #10 | 'Métissage' | Talk with Delphine Dénéréaz (French).
  • #11 | 'Les Conseillers n'impriment jamais' | Performance by Chez Rosi with Axel Claes & Daniel Wagener.
  • #12 | 'Film as design research' | Talk with our MAD resident Hey Jute by Alexander Marinus (English).
  • #13 | 'The outdoor basketball courts of tomorrow' | Talk with Bball in the sky by Mehdi Kerroubi (French).
  • #14 | 'Upcycling as a creative method' | Talk with La Gadoue by Eloïse Maës & Audrey Werthle (French).
  • #15 | 'BECOMING PLANT. From Fascination to Transformation' | Talk with Studio d-o-t-s by Laura Drouet & Olivier Lacrouts (English).
  • #16 | 'The Act of Building' | Talk with BC materials by Ken De Cooman (English).