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An Ongoing Operation on Change.

2 november 2020

Transitions . An Ongoing Operation on Change.

A transition defines the process of changing from one system, method or condition to another: something decomposes, collapses, gets dismantled, transforms, grows or progresses. Our world is on the verge of transition in almost all its facets. We are facing an increasing scarcity of resources, environmental pollution, a changing climate, demographic growth, new technologies, changing economies… The vastness of these developments require considerate and collaborative strategies.

The exhibition ‘Transitions’ proposes an exploration of design and its influence on the fundamental preoccupations of today’s increasingly fragmented society through the projects of five Brussels-based design practices. Some of the projects are holistic whilst others focus on small but significant details within the bigger whole. They question systems and structures from the bottom up, which allows them to interact in new ways with today’s needs: redefining waste by reusing wasted matter, creating systems for more democratic and environmentally friendly ways to design or new methods of produc-tion and interaction with heritage and craftsmanship. They use, conceive and define new tools, team up with scientists, researchers and craftsmen alike. Such approaches redefine the spheres in which design operates to a much broader spectrum. Design is not a one-manshow, not one object, not one solution. 

Transitions is curated by our MAD residents, Studio Plastique.

The expo is initiated by MAD, Home of Creators and powered by 

17.10.2020 – 25.10. 2020

Transitions - Virtual presentation on the digital platform of

17.10.2020 – 17.01.2021

Transitions - Physical exhibition at MAD, Home of Creators

26.11.2020 - 7 pm

Online talk - Here you can find more information!




Due to the extra measures announced by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, the Transitions exhibition will not be open to the public until 19 November 2020. But no worries, on this page you can experience the expo Transitions virtually.

What can you find on this page?

  • Our video about Transitions that gives you a general overview of the expo at MAD, Home of Creators.
  • An overview of the participating designers.
  • Video's about the work of each participating designer.
  • A video from the Dutch Design Week TV Studio in which the participating designers give their view on Transitions and explain their work. 
  • You can also relive the virtual presentation of Transitions on the digital platform of Dutch Design Week. Access to the platform is free, all you have to do is log in with your DDW account. Find the link to DDW's digital platform here.



Amandine David - Crossing Parallels

Traditional handicraft and digital craft can be perceived as incompatible and rather opposed at first glance. By conducting material research at the crossroads between the two, Crossing Parallels aims to contribute to a more nuanced definition of craft as collaborative practice. The project explores the interaction between the basketry technique of hand coiling and 3D-printing. Both techniques build objects through the same construction principle: laying one filament—whether natural fibre or melted plastic—on top of another.

In collaboration with Esmé Hofman, basket weaving master and Joris Van Tubergen, 3D-printing artisan.

Check out the website of Amandine David here!


Resortecs – Smart stitch

The production and distribution of resources and garments as well as the considerable overproduction make the fashion industry one of the most polluting industries in the world. Zippers, buttons and the combination of different textile materials make garment disassembly and fabric recycling both costly and time consuming as it calls for manual assistance. Resortecs® intervenes in the traditional processes of the fashion industry by exchanging the conventional stitching thread with thread that dissolves at 160-200°C. Clothes that use Resortecs® threads can be worn, washed and ironed as usual – the difference only appears when a piece of clothing is sent for repair or recycling. The technology simplifies recycling and circular resource management in the fashion industry and aims to become an industry standard.

Check out the website of Resortecs here!

Open Structures

Open Structures

Open Structures considers a modular environment based on a shared geometrical grid which allows to design, scale, personalise and think creatively on every level. Interchangeable parts and adaptable sizes enable not only infinitive possibilities of sustainable building and repair but also support sharing knowledge within a connected, collaborative community. OS allows to build things together at a moment in time, where anyone is connected to everyone and everything can be produced everywhere.

Check out the website of Open Structures here!

Rotor DC

Rotor DC

Rotor DC is tackling the mismanagement of resources in the construction industry by developing infrastructures and systems for the recycling of construction materials when a building is demolished or renovated. The company helps transition building materials, fixtures and furnishings into a new cycle by dismantling, conditioning and retailing. The team also provides assistance to building owners, contractors and architects on the subject.

Check out the website of Rotor DC here!

Studio Plastique

Studio Plastique – Common sands

Natural silica sand – a resource standing under increasing pressure – is transformed to produce a range of high and low tech materials such as silicon and glass. These materials are fundamental in the design of most electronic devices, making them an essential pillar of contemporary culture. They are however rarely recycled. Common Sands investigates glass residues from electronic waste as a commodity for new applications. The studio creates a new value for this waste glass by using the unique colours and working properties as an opportunity.

Check out the website of Studio Plastique here!

Explore the expo through our videos!

Amandine David
Open Structures
Rotor DC
Studio Plastique

Thanks to everyone who made transitions possible!

Participating designers

  • Amandine David
  • Resortecs
  • Open Structures
  • Rotor DC
  • Studio Plastique


  • Initiated by MAD, Home of Cerators
  • Powered by
  • Curated by Studio Plastique
  • Graphic identity by Hannah Hiecke

Video Transitions

  • Directed by Charlotte De Cort
  • Camera operator Ivo Nelis
  • Camera Assistant Samuel De Beer
  • Edit by Robin De Praetere
  • Voice-over Sander Villers

Profile video

  • Design & film editing by Alice Wong
  • Script by Maarten Buser
  • Video assistant & co-editor Crys Leung
  • Sound design by Yuval Reuven