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Mon - Fri 11:00 - 18:00
Place du nouveau marché aux grains 10 + Rue du Rempart des moins
1000 Brussels
Free entrance

The I:A:M Fashion Laboratory is created from the concept of a democratic platform of a more sustainable and meaningful fashion world. The aim is zero waste and high quality and customizable designs.


The system blazer is build on the simple principles of choosing your own fit, materials and details. Each blazer fit will be presented together with a selection of textiles and different options of pockets, sleeves and trim.
All the materials are carefully selected and sourced from a sustainable point of view and often it will be leftover deadstock materials from the big fashion houses. With a system blazer you have a blazer for life - it’s made for only you and includes lifelong repair service.


Throughout the pop-up shop Sia Rosenberg will host a series of workshops where you are invited to bring your favorite garments to be re-designed.

In the workshop you will be introduced to the possibilities and perspectives of re-design. Bring your own favorite garments that you love but never wear. The aim of the workshop is to bring new life and value to your wardrobe and let each garment have a longer timespan.

You will learn how to use a stitching machine and how to do simple corrections on your clothes. Do you want to make your shirt into a dress or try to do more complex designs? Subscribe to more than one workshop and continue to work on your design continously throughout the presented dates. You are welcome to bring fabrics of your own choice, but will also have the choice of buying materials at the workshop!`

15 - 16 April: 17:00 - 21:00

>>> Please note you can also enter from Rue du Rempart des moins 


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