Brussels designers present their work at the London Boutique organized by
Brussels designers present their work at the London Boutique organized by

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Do you want to collaborate with a designer for your unique project? MAD Brussels helps you find the right designers in the fashion and design industry!

At MAD Brussels, we understand the importance of finding the perfect partner for your project. Our platform gives you visibility within a talented community of creators, ready to take on the most stimulating challenges. Work with an emerging designer to add creativity to your project in design, fashion or scenography.

 Why collaborate with an emerging designer? 
  • An innovative boost: emerging designers bring a fresh and innovative perspective to your project.
  • Creative diversity: our community encompasses diverse talents, ensuring a variety of unique proposals.
  • Support local talent: by collaborating with Brussels designers, you contribute to the development of the creative scene in your region.
 How does it works? 
  • Contact us: forward your project to
  • Quick Evaluation: We will review your call for applications. Be sure to contact us at least one month before your application deadline.
  • Selection Criteria: We choose projects based on the values of MAD Brussels. Innovation, sustainability and inclusion is at the heart of MAD Brussels in all its projects and mentoring programs. Every open call must be accompanied by a proper reward for the designer or the opportunity for them to sell their pieces.
  • Put your open call online: Upon approval, your call for application will be shared to our network of emerging designers.