Our Residents

MAD Atelier

Creators with new ideas and innovative business models are the jewels of the creative industry. At MAD, we want them to shine. So, we give them the keys to our home. MAD incubator is the Brussels’s pioneering design and fashion incubator program to support designers and creators who are aiming to question the current challenges of the fashion and design sector and the society at large.

MAD INCUBATOR offers creators not only a place to stay and create for two years, but also a tailor-made mentoring program, expert workshops, connection to local and international social, sustainable and business stakeholders and multiple future forward-thinking incentives. The goal is to help you to (re)define the your role as a creator within the society and to accelerate the growth of sustainable and innovative businesses with the support of an extensive network of field experts. Design as an instrument for economic, social and ecological challenges.

With an open mind for a different view, MAD incubator welcomes ánd challenges the creative entrepreneurs offering innovative products and services with a social and environmental impact. 

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