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Our vision & mission


We inspire, we connect, we guide the Brussels fashion & design industry. In addition to promoting and showcasing the Brussels fashion and design sector, the Center for Fashion & Design wants to stimulate, support and encourage creative initiatives. Innovative, sustainable and inclusive entrepreneurship plays a very important role at MAD. Designers can get help in developing their own brand and label. Together with a lot of Brussels creative talent, MAD Brussels builds the creative character of the capital.

Combo Toys, children's toys made in Brussels from 100% recycled plastic sourced from local industries. Combo Toys followed the MAD Fly mentoring program in 2023.Combo Toys, children's toys made in Brussels from 100% recycled plastic sourced from local industries. Combo Toys followed the MAD Fly mentoring program in 2023.© Henry Hunt


Sustainability is one of our core values because we believe that economic performance can go hand in hand with a positive impact both on people and on our planet. Corporate sustainability is therefore embedded in our main activities.

On the one hand, MAD Brussels supports and inspires local fashion and design professionals in the field of sustainability, growth and awareness. We provide information sessions, workshops and advice. Also in our mentoring programmes of the MAD Incubator programme, we challenge participants in terms of the use of sustainable materials and correct working conditions.

On the other hand, we ourselves adopt a sustainable approach within the organisation. We work with committed artists who convey an impactful message. We limit the environmental impact of our exhibitions by creatively reusing as many materials as possible. And promotional materials are printed in a limited and sustainable way. Sustainability is also always a criterion in our purchasing policy, as well as good relations with our suppliers.

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It is important to know and further reduce our environmental impact. That is why consultancy firm Tapio calculated our organisation's ecological footprint. In 2021, it amounted to 302.82 tonnes of CO2 equivalents. The biggest challenge lies in the mobility of our visitors and employees, the purchase of products and services, and the energy consumption in our building. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint with 50% by 2031, and to be climate neutral by 2050. This means a reduction of 5% per year. 

How we want to tackle this? We actively encourage our visitors and staff to opt for sustainable mobility: we are located in the heart of Brussels, so always within walking distance of bus, train, tram, metro.  We are also committed to a sustainable purchasing policy and to reducing waste. We reuse and upcycle as much as possible, and we want to make our promotional material more sustainable. And finally, the energy consumption in our building must be reduced. That is why we are actively discussing energy savings and more sustainable alternatives with the City of Brussels, owner of the building.

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At MAD Brussels, we value mutual respect, inclusiveness & diversity. Not only do we pay attention to the well-being of our own team, we find it important to build a community that involves different target groups. This is reflected in both our programming and our communication. We open our doors to the creative community and anyone who wants to get to know it. Because we want to be as accessible as possible, our exhibitions are free to visit. In addition, our spaces are available to creatives looking for a place to shape their label, and our programs are designed for different audiences.

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