Our business seminars

About our business seminars

As a support and guidance structure for creative businesses, MAD Brussels is committed to providing growth and development opportunities for fashion and design entrepreneurs. Our series of seminars, scheduled throughout the first and second semesters of 2024, aim to equip professionals in the sector with in-depth knowledge and practical tools to materialize their activities. These seminars are open to participants in MAD Brussels' follow-up programs, ranging from project-building initiators (MAD Starters, MAD Incubator) to experienced entrepreneurs who have already launched their businesses in the fashion or design sphere (MAD Fly, MAD Take Off, MAD Cherry On the Cake).

In addition to each of these seminars, either one-on-one consultancy sessions, called "Ask The Expert”, or workshops will be held, depending on the format and topic addressed. They will be offered to a small group and require registration, providing a unique opportunity to deepen discussions based on participants' own expectations.

Participants are required to attend seminars at an 80% rate to benefit from individual coaching sessions with MAD's experts.