About MAD Fly

MAD Fly is an individual coaching program for entrepreneurs who want to develop their business. 

As your business takes shape and goes through different stages, important strategic decisions will need to be made. These decisions are often complex and it is sometimes important to get external advice and support. A good mentor can be invaluable to entrepreneurs, giving them advice and new ideas. 

At MAD we have a valuable team of highly qualified experts, each with their own area of expertise and a wide range of professional backgrounds.

This one-to-one coaching program covers a period of one year.

We believe in the power of collaboration and will hold a pre-assessment meeting with the experts and mentees. The purpose of this meeting is to identify areas of development needs and establish business objectives for the mentoring programme, as well as to review and evaluate all business strategy materials and define the MAD Fly coaching roadmap.The MAD Fly coaching path is supervised by the MAD Business team.

This programme will be aimed at 6 Brussels companies from the fashion or design sector. With our team of experts, you will be able to implement an international business development strategy (brand and product positioning, production, distribution strategy, pricing, internationalisation, image and communication, collaborations, etc.)


Filip Bullens (  Communication coach, Art Director & Brand Activist
Filip is a dedicated  communication expert with more than 20 years of field experience. Filip helps his  clients to unlock their full brand potential and make them prosperous. 
It’s his goal to install the very best brand strategy and provide an outstanding, meaningful marketing plan that goes way beyond the necessary (digital) marketing tactics.  

Pieterjan Van Biesen  Head of Marketing at Natan & Professor Digital Marketing & Branding at Antwerp Management School
Pieterjan Van Biesen is active in Belgium, France & The Netherlands in domain of Fashion and Luxury. He has more than 10 years of experience of brand- and relationship building expertise and a strong network of journalists, stylists, artists and opinion formers.
He is Head of Marketing at Natan and Professor Digital Marketing & Branding at Antwerp Management School. He conducted research for Solvay Business School. His lectures “Codes of Luxury” and “We are all children of Jules Verne.” can be given to inspire or challenge in-house marketing teams or business partners."

Clio Goldbrenner  Founder of the brand Clio Goldbrenner and Labo Clio.Goldbrenner

Yahya Ennouari — Digital strategy and communication Consultant & Marketing & lead digitalisation Manager at Bellerose.
Yahya started his career working for agencies in Paris: Same Same Agency & Publicis France. He worked on digitalization issues, rethinking digital ecosystems, digital advertising campaigns, product launch strategies for luxury and premium brands (Hermès, Sofitel, Van Cleef & Arpels, Maison Inès de la Fressange,..).
In 2018, he joined the European Commission's communication agency as Lead digital strategist. For more than 2 years, Yahya has held the cross-functional position of Interim Marketing Director & Lead digital strategist for Bellerose. His motto : "Consistency over Intensity"!