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MAD Take off

About our MAD Take off program

You already have a VAT number (SMART or Jobyourself). You have already launched products and/or already offer services.You have salespoints and you would like to benefit from our services, seminars and business advice.

Over a period of 6 months you will be invited to a number of  business seminars regarding sourcing, communication, marketing, branding, fundraising etc. These seminars are mandatory, we ask 80% attendance. If there is less engagement than 80% attendance, you will not be able to benefit from our free services.

If your questions are not answered during these seminars, you can request a series of one-on-one sessions (max. 5) with our business advisors.

Selection criteria

  • Your business is already launched, you have a VAT number (SMART or Jobyourself)
  • Your business is based in Brussels Capital Region
  • Have a clear target for improving or growing your business
  • Motivation and engagement to follow our seminars
  • Have a focus on sustainability, inclusion & innovation