Brussels Design Beyond Borders @ Milan Design Week

Brussels House Milano

AVANDIAVANDI© Eline Willaert
15.04.24 to 21.04.24
Via Gaetano de castillia, 23, 20124 Milano

The exhibition "Brussels Design Beyond Borders" is an initiative by with the support of MAD Brussels, showcasing the talent and sustainability focus of Brussels designers at Milan Design Week 2024.

At the heart of Milan's creative buzz, this exhibition offers a captivating dive into the diverse universe of the Brussels' design scene. Through a carefully curated selection, a handful of emerging and established designers have been chosen to present their innovative and inspiring work, reflecting the essence of the Belgian capital. Each piece on display is the result of deep exploration, where aesthetics meet functionality, and innovation blends with tradition. From furniture to installations, and even collectible design objects, each exhibited piece provides a fascinating glimpse into the richness and diversity of Brussels design.



Among the exhibited talents, you can discover the work of Studio Minimètre, Guillaume Slizewicz, AVANDI, Cru Ateliers, Arthur Halbique, Renaud Meunier, FOLD UN FOLD (Kana Arioka), Damian O'Sullivan, Noëmi Orgaer, Fien Van Der Steichel, Chateau Resort, Margot Van Den Berghe, Manuel Leromain, Nicole Brock & Claisse Architecture (Olivier Vitry).




Opening days & hours:

  • The exhibition runs from Monday 15 April to Sunday 21 April, 2024
  • Open daily from 10:00 to 19:00 

AddressBrussels House Milano, Via Gaetano de castillia, 23, 20124 Milano

  © Noëmi Orgaer
  © Cru Ateliers
  © Claisse Architecture
  © Studio Minimètre
  © Renaud Meunier
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