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François Lichtlé
10.03 to 15.04
Future exhibition

For many people, the ideal habitat is a house with a garden. However, one can also live in an apartment, a boat, a cabin, a caravan, but also one's body, one's street, one's neighborhood, one's village, one's city, one's landscape or one's territory. In collaboration with designers, interior architects, architects, landscape architects and artists, the ICA (Institut Culturel d'Architecture Wallonie-Bruxelles) and MAD Brussels invite the public to view their living environment in a different light. 

What is living? This is one of the first questions asked by the ICA to raise public awareness on contemporary architecture. This exhibition retraces the different answers collected throughout Brussels and Wallonia from all the actors of our living environment, during workshops, debates, interviews, or through calls and commissions. 

About 20 interviews with architects are linked to maquettes of contemporary buildings in this exhibition. A new geography of Francophone Belgium will be outlined in which the voices of its inhabitants will unfold. Through the work of photographers and architects, designers and artists, the exhibition shows that housing is not just living, but that it is also inhabiting a territory, appropriating what exists and, above all, dreaming. 

  © François Lichtlé
  © Baumans-Deffet x Agence TER
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