David Huycke — About parts and wholes

A conference as part of the Brussels Jewellery Week.


As part of Brussels Jewellery Week, a conference with visual artist and researcher David Huycke will take place on Sunday April 28 at MAD Brussels. About Parts and wholes is a presentation of the metalwork and artistic research of David Huycke, with a focus on his innovative approach to granulation in larger silverware and on the use of the sphere as a pictorial symbol. 



David Huycke  is a visual artist who explores a variety of media, but is best known for his innovative approach to metalwork, more specifically the use of granulation in larger sculptural silver objects. Huyckes work balances on the edge of figuration and abstraction. Drawing inspiration from cosmic themes, he delves into the poetic essence of natural and universal phenomena, aiming to convey a profound awareness of the world around us. David Huycke is a jury member for this second Brussels Jewellery Week edition. 



Date and time: Sunday 28 April

  • Welcome and introduction of the speaker - 11:00
  • Presentation by David Huycke - 11:15
  • Q&A - 12:15
  • End - 12:30 

PriceAccess to this event is entirely free of charge. Registration is mandatory.


AddressMAD Brussels, Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 10 - Nieuwe Graanmarkt 10, 1000 Brussels.

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