Generative Design work process

a talk with Joachim Froment

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18:30 — 20:30

Generative design and the impact toward humans in the future

Imagine a design process where a computer generates multiple design options based on specific parameters and constraints, leading to more efficient and sustainable products. This design process has the potential to revolutionize the way we create products and structures, but what will be the impact on humans? Will it lead to the automation of certain design tasks, or will it augment human designers? Join us as we explore the potential impact of generative design on the way we work and interact with the built environment.

Generative design is a design process that uses algorithms and software to create multiple design options based on input parameters, potentially changing the nature of work in design and manufacturing industries. It may lead to automation of some tasks, but also create new job opportunities. Generative design has the potential to develop more efficient and sustainable products, as it can optimize designs for specific performance criteria. It could also impact the way that products and structures are manufactured, potentially reducing waste and costs. The impact of generative design on humans will depend on its adoption and integration, and how society adapts to these changes.

The rise of these new algorithmic technologies create a worldwide polemic. Since these technologies are capable of executing creative contents much faster than humans, we wonder whether we will still be relevant as human beings in the creative industry? These technologies are already questioning a lot of jobs in many other fields, such as coding, writing, etc. The fast evolution and exponential evolution of the technology create a real identity crisis and therefore it is important to first understand better the technology by overviewing the danger and opportunity. A second part of the talk will explain how we could better use generative (AI) tools in the creative industry.



Joachim Froment
Joachim Froment is an awarded Belgian designer and creative director of Futurewave, a product agency specialized in creating and developing innovative products. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in London, he worked in Copenhagen for Jens Martin Skibsted and a few brands such as Biomega, Hay, Danfoss, Montana before founding Futurewave with his two associates in the tech industry. 



Wednesday 10 May 2023 

  • Welcome — 18:30
  • Start of the talk — 19:00
  • Q&A — 19:45
  • Drink — 20:30
  • End —21:30

Address:  Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 10, 1000 Brussels

Language: English

Price: free, registration is required

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