IN OUR NAME Belgium goes to Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024

4 Belgian designers show their collection in Copenhagen!

© Alexandre Nguyen
The Roe Studio (Møntergade 3, 1116 Copenhagen)
09:00 — 16:00

IN OUR NAME Belgium goes to Copenhagen Fashion Week for the second time with four Belgian designers.

After a first successful presence at Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023, IN OUR NAME Belgium will present the Belgian collections in the centre of Copenhagen on 8 August. This is where the designers from Borrenberghs, ESUME, YENTSÉ and 11PM will make their debut on the Scandinavian fashion scene. The four profiles were chosen for their striking creativity, innovative research and sustainable approach; values shared by Copenhagen Fashion Week.


Belgian fashion at Copenhagen Fashion Week

In the heart of Copenhagen, four Belgian ready-to-wear brands will have the chance to present their collections during Copenhagen Fashion Week. MAD Brussels, Flanders DC and Wallonie-Bruxelles Design Mode (WBDM) chose the four participating designers after an open call: Borrenberghs, ESUME, YENTSÉ and 11PM. On Thursday 8 August, Fashion Week visitors can meet the Belgian designers and admire their collections at The Roe Studio. The designers will thus have the chance to present their brand for the first time in Copenhagen, showcase their unique aesthetic to a new audience and make international connections.


Participating designers

Borrenberghs is a Brussels-based fashion brand committed to sustainable fashion. Founder Tessa Borrenberghs seeks a balance between sustainability, innovation and individuality in her designs. Borrenberghs releases ready-to-wear collections for women, but she also designs custom-made clothing. Greatly committed to social responsibility and circularity, Tessa Borrenberghs creates her clothes based on deadstock from her past collections. Inspired by Danish and Belgian influences, combined with elegance, femininity and sculptural shapes, Borrenberghs focuses on creating multifunctional clothes that fit every body type and last for a long time. The designs have a graceful look with a touch of architectural flair. 

Brussels-based brand ESUME was founded by Clémentine Meeus and Anthony Arabi. The brand's universe is shaped by the different individual and cultural influences of the two designers. Inspired by Spanish culture, sculpture and emotional memories, the duo creates sensual and bold pieces for men and women. From a sense of melancholy, ESUME creates streetwear with many pop references combined with delicate, organic elements. The designs are produced responsibly and on a small scale. The "memory card" collection is inspired by memories of travels and moments in life. The silhouettes create a poetic melancholy in our constantly changing world.

YENTSÉ was founded in 2021 by Yanze Jin, originally from China, after graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. YENTSÉ sells luxury women's and men's clothing and leather accessories. Although the brand is based in Antwerp, Yanze finds a lot of inspiration in Eastern culture. The YENTSÉ silhouette brings both cultures together in a unique way that is independent of time and place. The flowing lines and organic shapes of the East meet the structure of the West in the designs. Both the women's and men's collections emphasise elegance. The play of volumes, inspired by nature, is graceful rather than imaginative.

Pieterjan Van Biesen and Marie-Charlotte Vermeulen are the founders of the brand 11PM. The duo designs Tailored Streetwear. 11PM combines clean lines and attention to detail typical of tailored clothing, combined with the comfort and urban influences typical of streetwear. The collections are characterised by clear fits and silhouettes, a fusion of formal and casual elements and garments made in the traditional way by specialised tailors. In addition, the looks are finished with their signature chrome accessories. The use of chrome is a conscious choice by the duo, symbolising modernity. 



IN OUR NAME aims to support and strengthen the presence of highly creative Belgian fashion on the international scene. This initiative by MAD Brussels, Flanders DC and WBDM is about encouraging emerging or established Belgian designers with a strong focus on quality, sustainability, and innovation, to enter new markets. The aim is to promote Belgian fashion with a common powerful voice. To keep up to date with IN OUR NAME Belgium, follow the Instagram account.



Date & timing: 

  • Thursday, August 8
  • 09:00 — 16:00

Price: Entrance to this event is free. 

Address: The Roe Studio (Møntergade 3, 1116 Copenhagen)

Borrenberghs  © Kim Nijs
Tessa Borrenberghs  © Alexandre Nguyen
YENTSÉ  © Suleika Mueller
Yanze Jin  © Alexandre Nguyen
ESUME  © Valentin Desait
Clémentine Meeus & Anthony Arabi  © Alexandre Nguyen
11PM  © Nathalie Gabay
Pieterjan Van Biesen en Marie-Charlotte Vermeulen  © Alexandre Nguyen
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