In Our Name x Copenhagen Fashion Week

Four Brussels based designers show their collection in Copenhagen

© Hicham Riad
09.08.23 to 11.08.23

IN OUR NAME makes its first ever appearance at Copenhagen Fashion Week. From 9 to 11 August, MAD Brussels accompanies four Brussels based designers, currently in residency at the MAD incubator, to the CIFF x REVOLVER trading fair. The four profiles were chosen for their striking creativity, innovative research and sustainable approach; values shared by Copenhagen Fashion Week. Kasbah Kosmic, MIPINTA, Kartchev and SKIN SERIES will make their debut in Copenhagen. Brussels fashion will be shown in all its splendor.


Brussels fashion at Copenhagen Fashion Week

With the MAD Incubator program, MAD Brussels aims to support designers and creators who are questioning the current challenges of the fashion and design industry and the society at large. Within this spirit, MAD Brussels is taking four designers from the MAD Incubator to Copenhagen Fashion Week under the label IN OUR NAME. Kasbah Kosmic, Mipinta, Kartchev and Skin Series will get the chance to present their collection internationally for the first time.


by Stefan Kartchev

Stefan Kartchev, the one behind the Kartchev label, seamlessly connects matters that at first glance seem polar opposites. Whether it is digital versus physical, historical versus future fictions or traditional crafts versus the most groundbreaking of technologies: in the universe of Stefan Kartchev they subvert and unite to strengthen each other. Stefan’s interest in activewear is strongly present in his work, always challenging innovative industrial applications in a playful manner to expand the creative notions of his many collaborators. Warping silhouettes and morphing prints indicate a journey through time.


Kasbah Kosmic
by Kenza Vandeput Taleb

Kenza Vandeput is one of the fashion voices of a generation for whom a double heritage is as much the rule as the exception, and who agree that circularity really is a big delicious party. Her brand Kasbah Kosmic celebrates and questions her Algerian-Belgian identity by letting North-African and Western-European aesthetics dance with one another in joyful, generous and unique designs. Kenza only uses upcycled materials and reconstructs them into new garments combining traditional handcraft techniques with screenprinting and patchworking. The result is an eclectic dream of Maghrebian culture consisting of one-of-a-kind pieces.


Skin Series
by Rosie Broadhead

Skin Series is a clothing line of therapeutic undergarments exploring the interaction between our clothing and the skin. The used yarns contain active ingredients such as seaweed, zinc or vitamin E. Those ingredients hold antioxidant or anti-inflammatory properties, encourage cell renewal or improve the skin’s immune system. Building on these scientific insights, Rosie Broadhead, founder of Skin Series, pioneers new ways of probiotic collaboration between fashion, the human biome and its environment.


by Fernando Miró

MIPINTA is a fearless research laboratory for contemporary menswear. Fernando Miró, founder of MIPINTA, questions and opens up masculinities for a new generation of men to freely assert themselves as plural. To do this, MIPINTA creates a generous and refreshing sartorial language, with extraordinary silhouettes that exude extravagance beyond conventional codes, prejudices or boundaries. Working with local actors on upcycled materials through a combination of new technologies and traditional crafts, testifies of MIPINTA’s concern with the environmental and social challenges that define our time.



IN OUR NAME aims to support and strengthen the presence of highly creative Belgian fashion on the international scene. This initiative by MAD Brussels, Flanders DC and WBDM is about encouraging emerging or established Belgian designers with a strong focus on quality, sustainability, and innovation, to enter new markets. The aim is to promote Belgian fashion with a common powerful voice.



Meet us from 9 to 11 August at the CIFF x REVOLVER Fashion Trade show. The trade show takes place at Bella Center Copenhagen (Center Boulevard 5, 2300 Copenhagen). The fair is open to the public from Wednesday to Friday. More info about Copenhagen Fashion Week on





Stefan Kartchev  © Hicham Riad
Kenza Vandeput Taleb  © Hicham Riad
Fernando Miró  © Hicham Riad
Rosie Broadhead  © Hicham Riad
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