Priyanka Mehta

A creative lunch & talk

© Nue Fine Jewellery

Our "Creative Lunch" aims to present creative minds from the fashion and design industry and their careers, going from their professional experience to inspiring tips for young creatives. Join us for an inspiring lunch at MAD Brussels with jewelry designer Priyanka Mehta.



Priyanka Mehta — jewelry designer and founder of Nue Fine Jewelry

Nue Fine Jewelryfounded in 2019 by Priyanka Mehta, is an Antwerp-based jewelry company that focuses on quality, durability and versatility. Priyanka aims to make diamonds and gold accessible and strives to inspire every woman to experience jewelry as a form of self-expression.

Nue Fine Jewelry uses only laboratory-grown diamonds. This decision was consciously made by founder Priyanka Mehta after her 10 years of experience in the diamond industry. Nue Fine Jewelry's diamonds are superior to those found in most commercial jewelry. They are grown in controlled environments using renewable energy without the environmental damage, human rights violations and exploitation associated with diamond mining. In addition, lab-grown diamonds are not limited by the finite supply of diamonds in the earth, reducing the incentive for unethical practices.

Nue Fine Jewelry's designs are seductive, yet playful and delicate. They perfectly capture the warmth of the gold and the brilliance of the diamonds. The design is also made so that each piece feels like a second skin, feather light on your body, like an extension of your soul.



Date: Friday 12 May 2023

  • Reception — 12:00
  • Start creative lunch — 12:30
  • End — 14:00

Price: Free entrance, registration is required

Language: English 

Address: MAD, Home of Creators (Nieuwe Graanmarkt 10, 1000 Brussels).






  © Priyanka Mehta
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