Saskia Van Der Gucht — On sand: unpacking preciousness

A conference as part of the Brussels Jewellery Week.


As part of Brussels Jewellery Week, a conference featuring Saskia Van Der Gucht, jewelry designer and artists, will be held on Saturday, April 27.


ABOUT Saskia Van Der Gucht

On Sand: unpacking preciousness is a one-year research project which questions - through the Symbiocene as an overarching theoretical and practical framework - what the role of jewellery and treasured objects could be, in the age of re-learning interdependence with living and non-living beings. 

In a 2022 UNEP report on sand and sustainability, sand is reported to become scarce as it is the second most used resource, besides water, on earth. It is present in every building, road, window and screen we use daily. As abundant as it seems, it is predicted to become scarce due to overconsumption by industrial use. 

In Saskia Van der Gucht’s artistic practice, the metonymy of packaging and preciousness, jewellery boxes being a well known example, becomes a means to question and visualise how the finitude of this raw material is underestimated on the one hand and could serve as a precedent for future care on the other.



Date and time: Saturday 27 April

  • Welcome and introduction of the speaker - 14:30
  • Presentation by Saskia Van der Gucht - 14:45
  • Q&A - 15:45
  • End - 16:00 

Price: Access to this event is entirely free of charge. Registration is mandatory.

Language: English

Address: MAD Brussels, Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 10 - Nieuwe Graanmarkt 10, 1000 Brussels.

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