Youth through the lens

Young Fashion Photography

©shaniasemeli©shaniasemeli© ©shaniasemeli
16.09.22 to 05.11.22
From Tuesday to Saturday. Closed on Tuesday 01/11.
10:00 — 18:00

Generation Z is growing into the largest and most diverse generation there is. It is a generation that represents 2.5 billion people born between 1996 and 2010 and has been scrolling on Instagram since a young age. It is the first generation that cannot imagine life without the Internet and grew up in a fully digital world. Yet in their photography, they return to analogue techniques from the past.  

Young people who are part of Generation Z highly value individual expression. They want to stand out from the crowd. With social media as a creative and social tool, this generation represents a viral, visual culture of self-expression. But it is also a generation that is growing up in times of great social unrest due to the economic crisis, climate change and political conflicts. Because of this social unrest, young people place a high value on the themes of sustainability, diversity and openness. 

MAD Brussels presents Youth through the Lens, an exhibition that shows this generation's view on the contemporary fashion world. Seven photographers each present their perspective on the current fashion scene and how they express themselves in their own unique way.

With the photographers, Antwan.jpgJordan KbsMax KlinkumLight StrikingPaul-Louis GodierEverythingisjpgShania Semeli 

Presenting young Brussels fashion brands mésonS.T.O.R.M.SRio LeoneIgor JasinskiBLACKMOONSeikatsuSimon Maximé, BriqueThe Zed

Including the project 'Gen Z, Searching for beauty' a documentary encyclopedia by Antoine Neufmars, Salvatore Calcagno and Emilie Flamant with pictures by Antoine Neufmars 

Coordinated by MAD Brussels and Urielle Musawu Bundo

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