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Are you an ambitious emerging creator in the fields of fashion and/or design? Are you seeking a stimulating environment to develop your own brand and label? Join our MAD Incubator program!

MAD Brussels aims to promote the Brussels fashion and design ecosystem while encouraging innovative, sustainable, and inclusive entrepreneurship. As an essential pillar of this mission, the MAD Incubator program offers a unique opportunity for designers to push the boundaries of the industry.

By joining our 2-year residency program, you will not only have access to a dedicated workspace to bring your ideas to life but also benefit from a tailored mentorship program. With the assistance of our experts, you will have the necessary tools to tackle the current challenges of the industry and society at large.



These sectors are eligible for the MAD Incubator program:

  • Furniture design, collectibles, products, services, innovative materials
  • Fashion design, accessories, textiles, innovative materials

Who is the MAD Incubator program for?

Applications are open to entrepreneurs, startups, professionals, researchers, and creators based in Brussels, active in the Cultural and Creative Industries sectors of fashion and design.

What kind of companies is the MAD Incubator program for?

  • Companies: VSEs 
  • Start-up
  • Self-employed and individuals registered in a cooperative of activity, employment cooperative or company
  • Starters

For which projects is the MAD Incubator programme intended?

  • Creating a creative structure
  • Development of fashion and design projects (products, furniture, materials, fashion collection, accessories, etc.)
  • Fashion and design-related services
  • Development of innovative materials



  • To kick-off the 2-year programme, the 10 chosen designers will attend a workshop week at Domaine de Boisbuchet

    We will participate in the following fashion and design workshop from July 28th to August 4th:

- Fango (CO): Nature Back to Nature

- BLESS (DE): Designing disappearance

Further details can be found here.

  • A furnished workshop space (20m2 - 50m2) from mid-October 2024 to end September 2026. A minimum rental fee is charged for general consumption costs. This price is calculated based on the number of square metres of your workshop. Some workshops are shared by several designers. The allocation of workshop spaces will be decided in consultation with MAD Brussels.
  • A shared fashion & design workshop space with various machines at the disposal of the residents
  •  Business seminar and workshop programming
  • Coaching sessions by business and communication experts from the fashion & design sectors
  • Professional support from actors in the Brussels Capital Region and the City of Brussels
  • Meetings with designers, professionals & companies
  • Visibility through MAD & network
  • Local & international visits
  • Access to open calls and projects related to the City of Brussels and other institutions and companies in the Cultural and Creative Industries sectors of fashion and design

3. SElection CRITERIA 

Economic potential of the project 

During the pre-selections and juries, we will analyze the economic potential of the project:

  • Feasibility & required resources
  • Addressing a need/desire
  •  Project development & duration
  • Target audience & clientele
  • Impact on the Brussels and international territories
  • Innovative, sustainable, and inclusive characteristics

Creative Wealth, Originality & Innovation

Candidates must demonstrate the added value of their project from both innovative and sustainable and/or inclusive perspectives. We will pay attention to:

  • Innovative and/or sustainable materials
  • Production processes (short, circular, sustainable...)
  • Identity, personality & uniqueness of the project


4. selection procedure

Deadline for submitting your application

To apply for the MAD Incubator programme, complete the online form and attach the required documents (CV & portfolio) and the optional documents (marketing strategy, communication strategy and financial plan) by no later than Sunday 21 April 2024 (23:59).

After the initial pre-selection, we will contact you for the jury, which will take place at MAD in mid-May.


The selection process

The process will unfold in 4 stages:

  1. Submit your application via the online form
  2. Based on your online submission, we will analyse your candidature and a pre-selection will be made.
  3. If you are selected during the pre-selection, you will be invited to present your project to the jury. The jury consists of members of the MAD team and external business experts from the fashion and design sector. You will explain your project and your goals for the MAD incubator programme to the jury at MAD Brussels.
  4. The 10 selected MAD Incubator residents will be announced at the end of May.




  • Stéphanie Dewuffels from ILES 
  • Virginie Civrais from Star't Invest 
  • Simon Servais from
  • Aya Noël, fashion journalist at 1 Granary 
  • Adeline Faveau & Peggy Acke from MAD Brussels


  • Stéphanie Dewuffels from ILES 
  • Virginie Civrais from Star't Invest 
  • Simon Servais from hub.brussel
  • Maarten De Ceulaer from Studio Maarten De Ceulaer
  • Dieter Van Den Storm & Adeline Faveau from MAD Brussels  


6. Contact

For any questions, please contact Adeline Faveau -