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Marché des Modes 2020 | digital edition

  © Marché des Modes

Join the online platform of Marché des Modes!

This digital edition is open to Brussels designers!

Recalibrating for the new situation, Marché des Modes will launch, conceived as the first online fair bringing emerging fashion and lifestyle brands to the general public. With the platform, Marché des Modes wants to put young brands in the spotlight!

How does it work?

On December 1st, the platform will go live online to offer a carefully curated selection of products from more than 100 brands. This hybrid platform will be neither an e-shop nor a marketplace because all transactions will be conducted on the websites of the selected brands.

Visitors of the platform will not only be able to discover a selection of products but also see designer profiles on this platform. If they wish to buy an item, all they will have to do is click on it to be redirected to your website to find out more about that item and to purchase it there. The platform and you will also benefit from a targeted, large-scale publicity campaign.

What can the digital platform offer you?

This platform works for you by : 

  • increasing the number of visitors to your website

  • growing your online sales

  • raising your brand’s profile online, where designers often struggle to stand out 

Participation rates

Marché des Modes offers 3 packages to participate on the platform:

  • Pack 1 | 5 products online: €100.00 VAT excluded / €120.00 VAT included

  • Pack 2 | 10 products online: €150.00 VAT excluded / €180.00 VAT included

  • Pack 3 | 20 products online: €200.00 VAT excluded / €240.00 VAT included

Whichever pack you choose, the visitor clicking on your product will then have access to your entire website with your full range of products as well as your designer profile. Maisons de Mode will take no commission on purchases made on your website.

Conditions of participation

To assure an optimal experience for customers and to confirm your request to take part, you are required to verify and update the following items on your website : 

  • the contact details for your business at the bottom of your webpage as well your general conditions (email and phone number to reassure the customer) 

  • methods of secure payment (with pictograms of Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Stripe …) 

  • up-to-date and easy-to-find sales policy and conditions clearly posted 

  • shipping and delivery policy and information (with estimated delivery time specified) as well as policy on returns and exchanges 

  • Google Analytics connected to your website to measure traffic 

Registration info

Marché des Modes will launch the digital platform on December 1, 2020 and close it again on December 31, 2020. A selection of the brands that can participate will be done by Maisons de Mode.

You can register for the digital platform by filling in the registration form at the end of the document below. Registration is possible until November 22, 2020. More detailed information can also be found on the website of Marché des Modes.

PDF icon Click here for the form to register!