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We like to connect great thinkers with the best makers. Not for fun, but to develop collaborative and innovative solutions with a sustainable, circular and social impact.

  • Bruxelles Environnement

Thinking & Making. Those who work in their own corner on their own do not always achieve in something remarkable. Together, you can have a big impact. At MAD we like to create that impact! That's why we love to connect great thinkers together with the best makers. Not just for the sake of it, but to develop collaborative and innovative solutions with a sustainable and social impact.


  • Because we want to encourage a sustainable approach to the production of goods and services
  • Because we want to create sustainable connections that combine creative skills and knowledge
  • Because we want to create social impact
  • Because we want to create partnerships between governments, universities, private companies and designers to develop sustainable solutions together
  • Because we want to connect the different social and cultural stakeholders in Brussels with designers, both MAD residents and non-residents, to solve social and sustainable issues together
  • Because we want to promote citizen participation and design thinking processes

But what do you want?

Think & Make. And do it sustainably!

"Given the current environmental urgency, environmental concerns should no longer be an argument for differentiation, ecodesign should become design." - Yasmina Toussin, Ecodesign Expert 

The word 'Eco' is no longer absent from our society. Just likethe words  green, local, sustainable and slow, we focus our businesses on these terms. But what lies behind this fancy concept? And how do you approach and incorporate the ecological mindset and challenges as a designer or creator of a product, service or fashionable garment? How do you really make a difference?