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TRIAXES is an accompaniment program where 3 experts from different fields guide an entrepreneur in the R&D phase of a product (TRIAXES Pro) or the development of a fashion brand (TRIAXES Mode).
TRIAXES also has a Masters program (TRIAXES Ens) where students from different educations and schools collaboratively develop a pre-prototype product and business plan. The program is funded by ERDF - European Regional Development Fund, the RBC (Brussels Capital Region) and Innoviris.

Triaxes is: 

  • 3 programs
  • 40 experts involved
  • 35 entrepreneurs/projects accompanied
  • 70 students guided
  • 6 - 18 months support provided
  • L'Europe et la Région investissent dans votre avenir
  • Région de Bruxelles-capitale
  • Union Européenne
  • Innoviris

At MAD, we believe in the power of collaboration. But we also believe in sustainability, in growth, in time-efficiency, in network exchanges, in expertise and in trust. And we like cocktails. Just like a good cocktail, mixing the right ingredients is key to the success and growth of a business.

Consider the TRIAXES programme as the mixologist of your business, poured by a trio (or even quartet) of experts. It is based on the conviction that this blend of different expertise that we offer to design and fashion entrepreneurs during their product development trajectory, specifically pinpointed on its crucial Research & Development (R&D) phase, will lead to a clear understanding of the concept, target market, and the necessary set-up and production techniques. So what TRIAXES does is give a shot in sustainability of the product and of the business as a whole.

"Collaboration and mixing skills, that’s what TRIAXES considers essential."
Jean Paternotte, TRIAXES Project Manager

Within the program, there are 3 different variations:

  • TRIAXES Pro: Expert accompaniment during the R&D phase of a product development
  • TRIAXES Mode: Expert accompaniment during the development phase of a fashion collection- or accessories  
  • TRIAXES Ens: A Master`s programme jointly offered by ULB Polytech, Solvay, ULB Law and La Cambre that allows students to work across disciplines and create a prototype product

Expert fields: Business management, Engineering, Industrial design, Product design, International sales, Sourcing and production, Communication, Graphic Design. 

Watch our video about the TRIAXES program here!

More info / terms and conditions via the download files below.

Experts TRIAXES Mode  © Alexandra Bertels
Jury TRIAXES Ens 2018  © Alexandra Bertels
Jury TRIAXES Ens 2018  © Alexandra Bertels
TRIAXES project: Ahooga  © Judicaël Cornu

Wish to know more ?

Jean Jean Paternotte TRIAXES Manager Anne Anne Vertongen Triaxes Project Manager 
are happy to help you! 

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