© Hicham Riad

Mipinta by Fernando Miró

MIPINTA is a fearless research laboratory for contemporary menswear. The brand questions and opens up masculinities for a new generation of men to freely assert themselves as plural. To do this, MIPINTA creates a generous and refreshing sartorial language, with extraordinary silhouettes that exude extravagance beyond conventional codes, prejudices or boundaries. MIPINTA was conceived between Europe and Brazil, two geographical positions defining its main influences. Converging in Brussels, the European capital is a constitutional part of MIPINTA’s DNA. Formal elements from Brussels traffic and public space are clearly present in the finished garments, and all materials are sourced and transformed hyper-locally. Working with local actors on upcycled materials through a combination of new technologies and traditional crafts, testifies of MIPINTA’s concern with the environmental and social challenges that define our time, fuelled by the energy of the present. 

Fernando was born in Belo Horizonte (Brasil) into a family of artisans. Guided by the hands of his grandmother and mother, he developed an interest in sewing, embroidery, jewellery and knitting techniques. Frustrated since his youth by the uniformity and gloom of men's clothing, Fernando decided to move to Europe, where he found his way to the fashion design department of La Cambre

In 2018 Fernando, at that time still in cooperation with Alizée Loubet, founded MIPINTA with the aim of overcoming another set of limits: those imposed on men by their wardrobe. During their studies, the duo has presented collections at Sao Paulo Fashion Week in 2018 and 2019 as part of the incubator programme Projeto Estufa. After Fernando and Alizée obtained their masters degrees in 2021, they focussed on MIPINTA’s development: a strong graphic identity, a new website and of course, a new collection. It was promptly selected as one of the 10 finalists of the 37th Hyères Fashion Festival