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35 ans 'Mode, c'est belge'

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Wed - Sun 11:00 > 18:00
Place du Nouveau Marché aux grains 10
1000 Brussels

**as part of WE ARE FASHION!

The exhibition 35 years 'Mode, c'est belge', organized by Le Vif Weekend, Knack Weekend and MAD, celebrates three decades of pioneering work and creative influence.
Benoît Béthume, artistic director of the exhibition, will immerse the visitor in the alchemy at work between the designers and the magazine 'Mode, c'est belge', which has been positioning itself since its inception as a revealer of unique fashion, illustrating its specific vocabulary and diversity, with the constant desire to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

The visitor will enter the exhibition as if he enters a newsroom: ready to immerse himself in what is the very essence of the magazine, his convictions and the values he wishes to convey through the embodiment of this know-how.

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