Bento & Juliette Salme

A creative lunch & talk

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12:00 — 14:00

Our 'Creative Lunch' is designed to present creative minds from the fashion and design industry and their career, going from their professional experience to inspiring tips for young creatives. Have a lunch and share an inspiring moment with the architects of Bento!

This creative lunch is organized as part of the architecture exhibition Ce qu'habiter veut dire.



BENTO — Association of architects 

Bento is an association of architects that puts the experimentation of matter at the center of its reflections. The living matter questions the sustainability of our current modes of production and their impact on our way of life. Starting from this observation and/or this obligation, Bento's architects make a point of exalting to exalt it, to exceed it, to make the bridge between architecture, art and design. It is around these reflections that Bento has been awarded the Europan 16 (2021) European Architecture Competition, and winner of the of the next Belgian pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale alongside the philosopher Vincianne Despret (2023).

Juliette Salme — anthropologist and doctoral student in Political and Social Sciences at the University of Liege

Juliette Salme is an anthropologist and doctoral student in Political and Social Sciences at the University of Liege, the Laboratoire d'Anthropologie Sociale et Culturelle. At the crossroads of an anthropology of techniques and relations to the living, her research focuses on the practices and knowledge associated with the elaboration of biomaterials, mycomaterials in particular, in spaces of creation. Her ethnography around these themes with the Bento architects' collective made her join, as an associate, the winning team of the Belgian pavilion of the 18th Venice Architecture Biennale.



  • Friday, march 10 2023
  • Doors 12:00 - Start: 12:30 - End: 14:00
  • This is a free event. But you must reserve a spot.
  • Language: English (Q&A in English and French)
  • Address: MAD, Home of Creators (Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 10 - Nieuwe Graanmarkt 10, 1000 Brussels).
  © Bento
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