Insights into jewellery auctions & market trends with Marianna Lora

A conference in collaboration with Sotheby's Belgium

13:45 — 15:00

In collaboration with Sotheby's Belgium, MAD Brussels is hosting a conference during Brussels Jewellery Week on Friday, April 26, with Marianna Lora, director and jewelry specialist for Sotheby's.


ABOUT Marianna Lora

Marianna Lora, Director and Jewellery specialist at Sotheby's, will present the market trends in jewellery auctions. She will unveil the top sales of the year, highlighting the most coveted pieces. She will also explore the growing popularity of colored gemstones and jewellery signed by renowned houses. Finally, she will share insights on artist jewellery sold at Sotheby's, offering a unique glimpse into the intersection of art and jewellery



Date and time: 

  • Doors — 13:45
  • Start of the conference — 14:00
  • End — 15:00

Language: English

Price: Access to this event is entirely free. Registration is compulsory.

Address: MAD Brussels, Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 10 — Nieuwe Graanmarkt 10, 1000 Brussels.

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