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Tokyo boys | Merel Hart

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"As a fashion photographer I regularly work with models. Many of them travel and stay abroad for periods of three to six months, but it is their stay in Tokyo that the models talk about most often with me. Their passage there marks them, because of the difficult and different working conditions, the local culture, so exotic....." Merel Hart

Mael, Dalibor Ricky, Flint, Filip, Ronan, Thierry, Daniel Jean Alexander Laros and Vladyslav are models from Serbia, The United States, France and Scotland who pose for brands such as Dior, Gucci or YSL. They are between 18 and 21 years old, and they travel a lot and very regularly for their work. New York, Tokyo, Paris, London. They settle there for three or even six months and then return or leave for a new destination.

Merel Hart met them in the spring of 2018, during their stay in Tokyo and photographed them during their castings and free time. The exhibition, designed by architects Hanne Eckelmans and Maarten Tierens, showcases the highlights of these encounters.

>> Special Opening :  30 - 31.03 / 11:00 - 18:00