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To ensure the success of a brand or project, MAD gives designers the key to unleash their creativity and commercial potential.

The business unit relies on the entire fashion and design ecosystem in order to provide brands with the best expertise and facilities according to their needs. Our network is both public and private. It is made up of (inter)national actors and service providers in many fields (ecodesign, digital, commercial, marketing, financing etc).

We help creators and entrepreneurs to define a sustainable business model in the early stages of their activity, offering solutions in financing, product development, manufacturing, sales as well as digital awareness and future branding.




    Each young entrepreneur's trajectory at MAD starts with a collective introduction session with our business development expert, Cathy Becq.

    If you want to start a business in fashion or design and want to know how to get into the market, learn and develop entrepreneurial skills from our experts Cathy Becq and Peggy Acke in our starters sessions. 

    Sign up for one of our monthly introductory sessions "How to start your business in Fashion & Design". Attend the Workshop with Cathy Becq every last Tuesday of the month. During the workshop, fill in the Pimento Map with the help of Peggy Acke (Business Advidor at MAD), which allows to see where the project owner is and what their specific needs are. Following this session Peggy will help you with some coaching or matchmaking with our experts. 

    The sessions take place every last Tuesday of the month:  

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    Cathy Becq has been mentoring and advising startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses in art, culture and creative sector for over 20 years. She's been an entrepreneur, a CFO, a board member. 

    Her multi-layered background has fed her original approach. She applies techniques from the entrepreneurship (Empathy Map, Value Proposition Design and Business Model Generation canvases,…), business, life coaching. Her approach is based on trends watching for the companies that she mentors, with the aim to enlarge their vision on strategic challenges. She is helping any business that wants to rethink its strategy and organization, by giving them the right business support in order to be better equipped to build a strong and sustainable future.


    Peggy Acke is a  business strategy coach with over 20 years of experience in the fashion and design  industry.

    She joined MAD in April 2019 as business advisor. Her main duty is to coach starters and entrepreneurs in Fashion & Design. With 20 years of experience in Fashion she is skilled in development, communication, sales, marketing and business strategies and she is very happy to share her knowhow. Besides fashion & design she's equally passionnate about food, esp. vegan food, being the founder of Carroterie, a vegan traiteur that was based in Antwerp. Content driven and optimist at heart she believes litterally everything can be done with fun, love & humor.