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MAD events

For one month, MAD will show in its window the creations of Brussels-based designer Pol Quadens. 

The works exhibited in MAD window represent the main creative directions the designer has taken over the last 25 years.  A quarter of a century of different materials and manufacturing techniques, a range spanning from carbon fibre to mirror polished steel. 


Pol Quadens’ experience as a car body designer has allowed him to acquire solid practical skills and a deep knowledge of different kinds of materials. It was back then in his own vintage car restoration garage that he made his first pieces of furniture over 35 years ago. He had his first commercial success in 1987 with his CD shelf selling over a hundred thousand copies. In 1995, Quadens met an engineer from Donnay, who introduced him to carbon fibre. This innovative material opens up new horizons for him. He rapidly became established on the international scene and multiplies his creations. As an atypical and creative designer and draughtsman,PolQuadens has been focusing on monumental sculpture in recent years.

More info: www.polquadens.com