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Our Business department supports companies and young creators to develop their businesses and positioning, through personalised advice and coaching



    MAD is about empowerment. To ensure the success of a brand or a project, MAD gives creators the key to unlock their creativity and business potential.
    We’re helping starters and entrepreneurs to define a sustainable business model as from the early stages of business, providing solutions to financing, product development, manufacturing, sales as well as digital awareness and future branding. 
    We’re happy to share our extensive network of (inter)national experts and our best practices. 

    MAD has five different business programs, offering different expert guidance at different stages of your business development.

    If you start up a business and want to kno how to entry the market, you can learn and develop business skills from our industry experts and via our online business tools.

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    Entrepreneurs with a growing business can apply for our intensive business mentoring program MAD FLY to develop their growth strategy. This one-year program supports creative entrepreneurs with one-on-one sessions with our industry experts, providing tools and knowledge to boost brand confidence and reach ultimately economic sustainability. The program runs from April 2020 till March 2021.

    MAD might act local, but thinks global. We love Brussels and the world! So we encourage entrepreneurs with international ambitions to join MAD’s international business actions or to apply for one of MAD’s European projects. MAD helps to enter the global market during Europe’s most important fashion and design gatherings.

    At MAD, we believe in the power of collaboration. But we also believe in sustainability, in growth, in time-efficiency, in network exchanges, in expertise and in trust. And we like cocktails. Just like a good cocktail, mixing the right ingredients is key to the success and growth of a business. Consider the TRIAXES programme as the mixologist of your business, poured by a trio (or even quartet) of experts. It is based on the conviction that this blend of different expertise that we offer to design and fashion entrepreneurs during their product development trajectory, specifically pinpointed on its crucial Research & Development (R&D) phase, will lead to a clear understanding of the concept, target market, and the necessary set-up and production techniques.

    MAD INCUBATOR offers creators not only a place to stay and create for two years, but also a tailor-made mentoring program, expert workshops, connection to local and international social, sustainable and business stakeholders and multiple future forward-thinking incentives. The goal is to help you to (re)define the your role as a creator within the society and to accelerate the growth of sustainable and innovative businesses with the support of an extensive network of field experts. Design as an instrument for economic, social and ecological challenges.




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